Anti Fatigue Caps

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Anti Fatigue Caps  Hammer Nutrition

Hammer Nutrition Anti Fatigue Caps mit Kalium Magnesium Aspartat, L-Citrullin, OKG (Ornithin-alpha-Ketoglutarat) und Rote Beete Pulver

  • Verlängert die Ausdauer
  • Beseitigt „schwere Beine“
  • Unterstützt die Energieproduktion
  • Verhindert Muskelkrämpfe

Hammer Anti Fatigue capsules are used during long and intensive training sessions and/or competitions. The Anti Fatigue Caps have been developed to reduce ammonia in the body. During intensive endurance workouts, the body produces performance-reducing ammonia, which is a by-product of protein metabolism. This hinders the production of glycogen and thus the energy yield. Anti Fatigue Caps contain ammonia-removing nutrients.

The main ingredients are:

Potassium / Magnesium aspartate – This compound consists of potassium and magnesium chelate bound to the amino acid aspartic acid.

L-Citrulline – This amino acid is found in foods such as watermelon, onion and garlic.

OKG (Ornithine Alpha-Ketoglutarate) – A combination of the amino acid L-ornithine and the compound alpha-ketoglutarate. OKG provides an easily available, non-ammonia producing source of glutamine in the body. Glutamine is withdrawn from the body during high levels of exercise but cannot be replaced with regular glutamine as it produces excess ammonia itself. OKG increases the amount of glutamine in the muscle and also helps prevent muscle breakdown.

Beetroot Juice – Used mainly to distinguish the colour of the capsules from endurolytes.


Take 2-4 capsules one hour before training or competition. For trainings/competitions of more than 2 hours an additional 1-2 capsules can be taken every hour. OTHER INGREDIENTS Rice bran, vegetable capsule shell (cellulose and water)

Nutrition information: per 4 capsules
Potassium Magnesium Aspartate 1000 mg
Magnesium (as magnesium aspartate) 100 mg
Potassium (as potassium aspartate) 140 mg
OKG (ornithine alpha-ketoglutarate) 700 mg
L-citrulline 700 mg



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